Our Story


My name is Lisa and I am happily married to Joe. We have two beautiful children, Lucy age 4, and Louis age 2. I am a primary school teacher who is currently on a career break.

During the pandemic, I became increasingly aware of the continuous news reports about the impact it was having on low-income families. I knew I had to do something. Therefore, I started a Facebook group to lift people’s spirits and help those who need it most. I decided that I would donate half of all profits to local food banks.

The group grew to over 4000 people and every week we were able to support both food banks with essential groceries. Furthermore, we provided Easter Eggs and Christmas toys for the families supported by the food banks and donated to various other charities.


1 in 4 children in Scotland (24%) are living in poverty.

Poverty Inequality Scotland

One of our most innovative fundraising appeals was to purchase a book vending machine for the primary school in which I taught. This idea was born following a conversation with my head teacher. Our school was in a socially deprived area with high SMID, (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) and many children did not have access to the same resources as their peers.

More than 380,000 children in the UK do not own a SINGLE book.

Poverty Inequality Scotland

This initiative was a huge success and generated a real culture for reading. We continued to support the school by donating money for new books to fill the book vending machine. It was also put forward as a proposal for debate in The House of Commons by Members of Parliament!

There were 3.9 million children living in poverty in the UK in 2020-21.That’s 27 per cent of children, or eight in a classroom of 30.

Child Poverty Action Group

Over the course of the year, our Facebook group has raised an astonishing £17,000 and has changed many people’s lives. I want to continue this ground-breaking work and, at the same time, give you the chance to win some incredible prizes!

Good luck and thank you for your support!

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